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Special Touches

Wellness of body and soul

On Zon Su


The foot traditional Chinese zonal micromassage.

Like in a mirror, our feet reflect all areas of the body, according to real and specialist links, thanks to which you have the opportunity to work by reflex action.
By observation of our feet, we can then go back to the state of health of people and alleviate many diseases, only through their manual treatment.

The fundamental spirit of On Zon Su is:
so humbly, lovingly, with heart, helping others with practical and action, using hand and not words.

It includes ancient teachings that go back thousands of years, customized in the sixth century BC by Master Mak-Zi. The Master Ming Wong is the current repository of that method. The On Zon Su includes various maps and the purpose is not to cure.

Hot Stone Massage


The massage with hot stones

Extraordinary massage technique with hot volcanic stones to drain, detoxify and harmonize the mind.

The volcanic rocks have infinite possibilities. Their mineral content works effectively on mental and physical balance, the heat generated relaxes the muscles and create deep relaxation. It is a draining and detoxifying treatment that gives tone, elasticity and a deep comfort, with essential oils of lemon, orange and grapefruit.

Metodo Max Pier


Targeted not only to the imperfections, but also to rebalance what has produced it, improving the self-understanding and self-respect.

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