Wellness Center La Fenice (the phoenix) | via Ferrari 1/E | San Giorgio in Salici - Sona (Verona) - Lake Garda, Italy
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Beauty Centre

Beauty care and skin care

Beauty care means some time for the body, passion for beauty and knowledge of the tools that best refined balance, harmony, wealth, elegance and charm.

The Wellness Center La Fenice (the phoenix) offers the best opportunity to improve your shape, skin quality and charm of every detail of your body, entrusting its care to skilled hands able to combine the ancient knowledge and advanced techniques.

Face skin cleaning and epilation.

Sun Space Solarium

Tan personalized with assessment of skin type, low pressure "Ergoline" sunbed.

Infrared Sauna “Physiotherm”

A sweet sweat to purify yourself, with the infrared sauna Physiotherm, designed specifically for use in infrared cabins with direct irradiation. The direct irradiation of the back, and then heat absorption by the body through the bloodstream, makes you start to sweat intensely already at 30°C (86°F), the sauna is therefore very gentle yet effective. The body temperature rises without changes, slowly and respecting the body, about 0.2 to 0.5°C (32.36 to 32.9°F).

“Wellness path”

The wellness program is a balanced combination of infrared sauna "Physiotherm, relaxation area and massage.

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