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Ayurvedic practices

“Massage is something that can begin but never end... is one of the finer arts ... is not a matter of experience, is more a matter of love.” - Fabir

Types of Ayurvedic massage

Inspired by the Indian culture, we offer beautiful and scenic ritual such as Ratna Abhyanga (with crystals), Shirodhara, Tibetan, steam bath, Pinda Swedanam, Garshan and massage with the feet.

Massaggio Ayurvedico al Miele Cristallino CRYSTAL HONEY Ayurvedic massage - with steam bath

It is a energizing and balancing manual treatment, ideal in the changes of season. Reactivates the circulation. The final steam bath removes toxins and excess liquids. The benefits are global and gradual, not all easily understood after a single treatment. What can be perceived immediately is a general condition of well-being and lightness.

Massaggio Ayurvedico dei Maha Marma (dei Chakra) Ayurvedic massage MAHA MARMA - the chakras

In Ayurvedic massage there is a technique called "Maha Marma Dhara" that stimulates the Marma points (vital points).
There are three main Marma centers: head, heart, bladder. Stimulating the Marma points, you can improve the strength and stability of body and mind.
Improving the energy balance, you will be better both in the physical body and in the mind. We run a pressure, using oils.
These points are "places" of meditation which sort the subtle energy of the person. In antiquity, these points were used to "cure".

Massaggio Ayurvedico Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage ABHYANGA - touching the soul

Energetic, holistic, intuitive, Ayurvedic massage works on muscles and circulatory system and at the same time implements a state of deep relaxation and well being.
From the physical point of view, you get a better venous return, the stimulation of lymphatic system and the improvement of blood circulation, the sensation of feeling at home in your body.
The Abhyanga is the oldest massage technique passed down from masters of Ayurveda. Abhyanga literally means using your hands with oil.
The mind calms, improves the circulation of vital fluids, the involuntary nervous system rebalance itself.
Strengthens the body, improves sleeping, improves complexion, removes fatigue.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Del Kerela Ayurvedic massage “DEL KERELA” - with feet

Rejuvenating massage where the strength of the feet tones the tissues and makes the body more flexible and powerful.
The massage with the foot is part of the Ayurvedic tradition developed in South India.
It is considered a heavy massage to tone all muscle tissues, release tension and moves the skeletal system.
The massage with the foot, also called rejuvenating massage, runs as a preparation to all types of Ayurvedic treatments.
It is done on the ground with the guest lying on a mat.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Gamathi Ayurvedic massage “GAMATHI” - with steam bath

Both a professional treatment and a specific cosmetic line, it's ideal for heavy and tired legs, aimed to eliminate the sense of swelling, heaviness and leg fatigue.

Improve drainage by encouraging the elimination of liquid full of waste from the skin tissue - it increases the firmness of the tissues - reduces the orange peel appearance - removes swelling and heaviness.

Visible results with first treatments.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Tibetano TIBETAN massage from India to Tibet - for a spiritual beauty

In Tibetan massage, to create a harmonious flow of Tzi energy, the most important role is reserved to hands. The touch and movement are combined to determine the strength of the Yang or delicacy of the Yin.
From the strength of the palm to the delicacy of the fingers, this is the path of the Tibetan massage to flow Tzi, so that the soul encounters the body in a deep feeling of wellbeing.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Ratna Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage “RATNA ABHYANGA” - crystals and semiprecious stones

Flows of magma in the depths of the Earth, over millions of years, have solidified, making a mere matters: the crystals and semi precious stones.
These contain the energy accumulated from the Earth within itself. Primal energy that brings a power of strength and prosperity.
The crystals and stones resonate with the human energy field and unleash the energy contained, balancing imbalances due to fatigue, tension and stress.
The crystals and semiprecious stones help the body regain the proper functioning, the mind to be more calm, alert and aware. You find such optimism, strength and confidence.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Art Reum Massage ART-REUM - back

It's for alleviating all the problems caused by accidental events on muscles, tendons and joints.
It is an intensive treatment (beauty treatment) at the back, inspired by Ayurveda, which can restore your well being by activating the metabolism of the whole organism.
Facilitates the recovery of muscle tone.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Pinda Swedhanam Ayurvedic massage “PINDA SWEDHANAM” - hot pads

It is a manual processing very energetic, heating, drainage and modeling. It acts directly with the very hot pad on the part of the body to shape, alternating with manual massage with hot oil. The pads are made of medicinal herbs. This massage increases the circulation of vital fluids and helps to eliminate toxins, draining and reshaping the body.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Shirodhara Ayurvedic massage “SHIRODHARA” - ...touching the wings of the mind!

It is the deeper and pleasant practice among all the treatments recommended in Ayurveda.
It consists in pouring a little body temperature line of oil on the forehead in a steady and regular flow.
The hot oil, like a thread of light, descends and envelops the head of the guest, who enters in a state of extraordinary prosperity and serenity.
This practice acts directly causing deep relaxation, which helps to soothe and lighten your mind, you may want it to get good results when stressed.
Ayurveda believes that the practice of Shirodhara helps to promote Oias: the essential vitality of the body.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Swedana Trattamento Ayurvedico “SWEDANA” - steam bath

Manual processing with exfoliating glove of raw indian silk, used to prepare the body to receive Jaladhi (algae reducing and drainaging).
Essential oils are applied through an energetic manual massage.
Fluids and toxins are also removed through steam bath "Swedana". This treatment affects the lymphatic system, promoting metabolism and eliminating fatigue.
Also eliminates impurities from the skin and reduces cellulite, helps weight loss (ascertained immediately after treatment).

Massaggio Ayurvedico Pizchilly Ayurvedic massage “PIZCHILLY” - royal massage

Also called Royal because once reserved for the Kings, who obtained the best results with this technique, in which the body is massaged with a continuous flow of ointment. This massage gives strength and vigor, gives skin beauty and brightness. It is a very enveloping massage which leaves you a great sense of comfort for many hours. These benefits are gradual, not all easily understood after a single treatment. What can be perceived immediately is a general condition of well being and lightness.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Neerabhyangam Lymphatic and Energetic Drainage Massage NEERABHYANGAM

Lymphatic drainage massage which stimulates lymphatic flow, tunneling it to the lymph nodes with filter function, so that the fluids and the toxins it contains are drained.
The lymph fluids are discharged mainly in the lymph nodes of groin and of armpits, gentle movements and pressure must always go to the lymph nodes, end over them and with a pressure for download.
It is especially suitable for reducing and preventing water retention, to counteract the formation of cellulite, for people who have a sedentary job or forced to spend many hours on his feet.
It is also useful for removing an accumulation of toxins, due for example to taking many medication.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Udvartana Ayurvedic massage UDVARTANA

To balance the Dosha Kapha (humor of Land and of Water). Udvartana has positive effects for the following problems: bad body smell, body heaviness, fatigue and apathy, itching, irregular sweating, stagnation of toxins, water retention. All these problems are caused by an imbalance of Kapha.
Udvartana calms and peaceful Kapha, it controls the weight and fat (adipose tissue), it stabilizes the activity of organs, it boost immunity and resistance of the skin.
It is a special technique of massage in which the skin of the whole body is rubbed with powder of different herbs. The rubbing produces heat energy which pacifies Kapha, whose qualities are cold, wet, static, oily, slow. The heat increases blood circulation and mobilize the fats.
It's a purifying treatment that through the use of powdered vegetable like as triphala, ginger and turmeric removes excessive toxins.
This treatment, which reactivates metabolism (slow in Kapha), also has a peeling effect on the whole body, deep cleanses and helps restore the pH balance of skin. The massage, unlike that with oils, is very energetic and dusts used are already well heated.

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